EPI-WIN Webinars – Save the dates

    Participate in EPI-WIN’s comprehensive webinar series this September.
    Over the span of a month, we will be presenting in-depth knowledge from
    leading specialists on pressing public health topics, including the One
    Health initiative and the PRET initiative. These sessions will also
    feature interactive Q&A segments, offering attendees the opportunity
    to delve deeper into the subject matter. Engage with a community of
    like-minded professionals and garner critical insights from esteemed
    experts that will enhance your decision-making capabilities. We highly
    value your participation and look forward to welcoming you.




    13:00-14:00 CEST, 13 September 2023 Preventing epidemics and pandemics in communities, through the One Health approach
    13:00-14:30 CEST, 20 September 2023 Partners in PRET: How different sectors can engage in pandemic preparedness



will be able to submit questions during the webinar by using Zoom’s
“Q&A” feature. You may also submit them in advance by sending them
to [email protected].




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